IGS publishing APB: Reloaded in North America

Interactive Gaming Software (IGS) has announced a partnership with GamersFirst to deliver APB: Reloaded--a new iteration of failed MMO APB built on a free-to-play model--to North America this November. And while technically a F2P game, the retail version has been priced and detailed.

"Our pricing model for APB Reloaded actually pays a gamer to come try the game. This is unprecedented for a title which cost more than seventy million dollars to produce," GamersFirst's Rahul Sandil said in a press release.


"The response from retail has been so overwhelming that we are considering launching with a half-million units," added Rahul.

APB: Reloaded is currently in open beta on GamersFirst, with over 700,000 online players in less than three months of testing.

While it'll have no monthly subscription fee, APB: Reloaded will run $29.95 when it hits retail in November, and will be further supported by micro-transactions. The purchase price includes $50 worth of in-game items including a "permanent in-game high-performance vehicle, a permanent in-game weapon, and 30 days of premium access that provides increased cash rewards, reputation gains and a 20 percent in-store discount."