Battlefield 3 team deathmatch supports 24 players on all platforms

Team Deathmatch in Battlefield 3 will focus on a infantry warfare, DICE has revealed. Though the PC version of the game features 64 player Conquest mode battles, which were demoed at Gamescom last week, Battlefield 3's Team Deathmatch mode will be limited to 24 players on PC as well as on consoles.

Though it seems like a substantial difference versus the game's major online mode, it is still bigger than Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which only supported eight players per side in Team Deathmatch.

DICE has also confirmed that vehicles will not be available in Battlefield 3's Team Deathmatch mode. According to fan site BF3blog.com, the mode will focus on "tight infantry portions of regular maps," with hopes to keep the action intense.

Battlefield 3 is scheduled to launch on October 25 on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.