New video game releases of 8/22-8/28

At long last, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is arriving next week. Let's remember November 26, 2007, when it was announced and right-minded people were torn between delight and revulsion. Oh, how young we all were! Four years later, I've heard barely a bad word from those who've played, and I'm more than a wee bit excited.

Don't tell anyone I work with, but I'm planning to suddenly fall extremely 'ill' and need to take a week off work. They'll never know that I'm secretly playing Deus Ex.

They're not strictly new releases, but Nintendo is expanding its $20 Nintendo Selects Wii budget line. It's also, for whatever reason, choosing not to reveal next week's WiiWare, eShop and DSiWare releases in advance. This is most probably not because Nintendo's planning to surprise us with something super-special.

Here's the slim but solid list of next week's new releases:


Xbox 360


PlayStation 3


Nintendo 3DS