Weekend Confirmed 74 - NHL 12, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, El Shaddai

By Garnett Lee, Aug 19, 2011 11:00am PDT

The power trio of Xav, Jeff, and Garnett come together for a midsummer's night podcast. Picking up on the excitement Shane left last week, El Shaddai gets a closer look after having played it--and fares well for the most part. Other games in Whatcha Been Playin? include NHL 12, Madden, Portal 2 co-op, and Toy Soldiers: Cold War. For the Warning, we talk about whether MMO design needs to better emphasize group play, and the recent assertion that few people finish games. Some of that discussion spills over to the news segment, which starts off with Mark Cerny's prediction that isolated single-player games will be gone in three years. Finishing Moves tops it all off.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 74: 08/19/2011

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  • The Front Page news: Start: 01:34:50 End: 02:09:51

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  • So is anyone else starting to feel EA should just shut their trap already. I'm not a Modern Warfare junky, but still I've played them and they're pretty damn good. Honestly I just didn't like battlefield it was to sparse, it felt like more open terrain combat instead of the interior city combat of Halo and COD. Now that may change, but I'm a fellow who likes speaking to be done with product and quality on the disc. Not a bunch of hype train from your camp and not a legit bipartisan group.

    Personally I find EA's behavior off putting. It's not like they've had a great track record this gen with AAA products, everything they done has felt kinda AA.

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    • The recent comments about BF3 eating into CoD's market share and the series dying off soon were pretty stupid.

      Wait until the game succeeds, THEN run your mouth. Right now it just comes off as desperate and attention-seeking.

      I've liked alot of EA's stuff this gen, and in general, I've applauded their risk-taking, while other developers have been risk averse.

      Mirror's Edge, Saboteur, Dead Space, Army of Two, Dragon Age, Skate, and Crysis may not all have hit the mark in every way, but they all tried something ambitious and were new IPs. I think some of them (Dead Space games, Crysis games, etc) were definitely AAA along with the likes of NFS: Hot Pursuit and the NHL games. Battlefield Bad Company 2 may not have been your bag, but I thought that was AAA too.

      But yeah, this last statement was a pretty dumb one. It was isolated to one PR guy though, so I wouldn't take it as a company-wide line of thinking.