Battlefield 3 fact sheet outlines weapons, co-op

A fact sheet, reportedly released by EA, for Battlefield 3 has found its way online with details on the game's entire arsenal of weapons and a short description of the game's co-op modes.

According to the scanned pages, Battlefield 3 features over 50 weapons and a bucket full of weapon modifications for customization. The weapon accessories include standards like options and underslung weaponry, as well as options like the machine gun bipod that turns the weapon into a stationary firearm with increased accuracy.

The description listed for the co-op mode calls the feature an "extensive co-op campaign," noting that it will feature "unique maps and missions for players to tackle online with a friend" as well as feature "co-op specific gameplay features." According to the list, co-op missions "tie into the single player story" of the game. Yesterday at Gamescom, EA demoed Battlefield 3's co-op mode.

Though the fact sheet does not name all maps, it notes Battlefield 3 includes nine different multiplayer areas. Presumably, this number does not include the 'Return to Karkand' maps, which will be released after the launch of the game.

Shacknews has contacted EA to confirm the legitimacy of the fact sheet and to clarify a number of its details. For more, you can check the fact sheet for yourself on Battlefield3Gamer.com.

Battlefield 3 launched on October 25 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.