MMO WildStar announced by NCSoft

Building, exploring, and collecting are playstyles intended to be just as valid as hitting monsters until they fall over in Carbine Studios' WildStar, announced today at Gamescom by publisher and parent company NCSoft. The sci-fantasy MMORPG is coming exclusively to PC. And has rabbit ladies.

On top of a regular class system, the four playstyles will determine what you'll be doing in WildStar. You can still just go around hitting stuff if you fancy, by playing a Soldier. Explorers will be off roaming the landscape, climbing peaks and delving underground. Settlers will be builders, though it's not yet clear how exactly this will work, whether it's player-placed buildings or something else. Lastly, Scientists are more collectors, uncovering the game's story by yoinking artefacts.


On the story side, WildStar's set on the planet of Nexus. Its hyper-advanced inhabitants, the Eldan, have vanished without a trace, causing the rest of the galaxy to rush in for a spot of plunder and mystery-solving. Which is how the playable races of plain old Human, rabbity Aurin, and hulking great Granok end up on Nexus.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun had a play of the Soldier and Explorer at Gamescom, reporting that combat is more involved than auto-attacking, boasting active dodging, and rewarding bonuses for "efficient and rapid" fighting.

WildStar will be released exclusively on PC. There's no word on a release date yet.

Here's the obligatory cinematic announcement trailer:

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