Elevator Action Deluxe coming to PS3

Square Enix continues to look through its catalog of Taito arcade classics for re-release. This time around, the company is reviving Agent 17's elevator misadventures with a brand new game: Elevator Action Deluxe.

It's likely Deluxe will follow the gameplay established by its predecessors. Players enter a building through the roof, steal documents, and escape--all whilst being undetected by enemy agents.

The official teaser site doesn't give us much to work with, simply stating that "He'll be back." The only platform logos visible on the page are for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network, making this likely a PSN exclusive. The game has received a Tenn rating from the ESRB, meaning it is notably more violent than the original game (which received an E rating for the Wii Virtual Console re-release).

Taito's previous arcade re-release was Space Invaders Infinity Gene for iOS, PS3 and Xbox 360.