Max and the Magic Marker coming to DS

The indie game Max and the Magic Marker is hitting yet another platform, as developer Easy Interactive announced that it will hit the DS in North America this holiday season. The game has already hit the PC, WiiWare, and iOS devices, but one more option can't hurt.


The game involves drawing with a magical pen to solve environmental puzzles, and it received a positive reception from critics. It's interesting, though, that this is targeting the original DS, which is seeing a dirth of new releases as the 3DS takes over as Nintendo's primary handheld. It may prove a smart move, since the game can take advantage of the DS' massive install base, while still working fine on the newer platform thanks to the 3DS' backwards compatibility.

"Max and the Magic Marker is a beautifully imagined game and we're thrilled to bring it to North America on Nintendo DS," said managing director Michel van Elmpt. "Its charming art style and gameplay that is both fun and rewarding make this a title that gamers of all ages can enjoy. It has already proven itself to be incredibly successful across a number of platforms and we think the instinctive use of the DS stylus as the magic marker will spark the creativity of many gamers."