Gears of War 3 locks and loads stereoscopic 3D

As the September 20 launch of Gears of War 3 approaches, Epic Games has revealed a feature that'll thrill positively dozens of players. Gears 3 will support stereoscopic 3D for those armed with an appropriate television, the developer confirmed.

"It's still fledgling technology. It's still a niche feature. But it was something we could support, so we felt, why not?"

"It felt like something we wanted to have," executive producer Rod Fergusson told Eurogamer. It was a feature we didn't want to be deficient in. When you look at Gears 1, it was what people used to demo HD at the time."

Due to current limitations of the Xbox 360, Gears 3 won't run 3D at full resolution. "Instead of 720p you're at five something," Fergusson explained. He noted, "It's a little bit jaggier in certain areas," but claimed the difference is "not huge."

That'll change in the future, though. Fergusson confirmed reports that the Xbox 360 will get support for 720p 3D in both eyes with an upcoming Xbox Development Kit update.