TrackMania2 Canyon won't use Ubisoft DRM

Ever since publisher Ubisoft introduced their proprietary DRM solution for certain PC titles, which required players to maintain a persistent internet connection in order to play certain games, many gamers have found themselves none-to-pleased by the solution. Especially when denial-of-service attacks resulted in some not being able to play even single-player only experiences. Ubisoft has even offered free make-up gifts to compensate for DRM-related downtime in the past. Today, the publisher announced that fans of TrackMania won't have to worry about such measures being implemented for the series' next installment.

Gaming site RockPaperShotgun has confirmed that TrackMania2 Canyon will not require a persistent online connection to play, beyond the initial registration process. According to Ubisoft: "You'll need to register online once when you install the game. You'll then be able to play without an online connection." Message conveyed.

TrackMania2 Canyon is due out for PC on September 14.