MDK2 HD hitting PC in September

First announced back in June of 2010, MDK2 HD, the high-definition remake of MDK2 for PC will finally see the light of day sometime in September. Developer Beamdog brought a revamped version of MDK2 to WiiWare back in May. Non-HD versions of both MDK and MDK2 have been available for a while from various digital distributors, but the September-due PC iteration is poised to be the graphical king of the revamped crop. focalbox In case you're not familiar, MDK2's story centers on super-suited janitor Kurt Hectic, Doc Hawkins the mad-scientist, "and the gun-toting, six-legged, potty-trained mechanical dog, Max," as they try to save the world from an alien invasion. Players take on missions with all three protagonists, who each have their own suite of abilities. MDK2 HD, developed by BioWare veterans like Trent Oster, Cameron Tofer, Russ Rice, and Sean Smailesa--who also worked on the original iteration of MDK2--will include a "wide range of gameplay tweaks and reworked audio." Many of the changes and improvements have been based on fan feedback, and though the release window is less than a month away, the team at Overhaul Games is still open to other suggestions. "We still have a little bit of time until release," said Overhaul's CEO Trent Oster, "and we'd love for diehard fans of MDK2 to let us know what sort of improvements they'd like to see. We're taking suggestions on our Facebook Page, and will do what we can to implement the most requested improvements." MDK2 HD will be available exclusively on for $14.99 sometime in September.

MDK2 HD, new and improved.