Weekend Confirmed 73 - El Shaddai, Dead Island

By Garnett Lee, Aug 12, 2011 11:00am PDT

Legend has it he lives by the Konami Code and topples maniacal bosses with a single Hadouken. Man-God Shane Bettenhausen of Ignition Entertainment joins Xav, Jeff, and Garnett this week, and brings with him an in-depth look at their new game due next week, El Shaddai. But there's much more than it to cover in a Whatcha Been Playin? that includes Dead Island, Hard Reset, and the intriguing Runespell: Overture that combines fantasy RPG with a mythical poker system for combat. In the Warning Garnett takes a moment to reset last week's Diablo 3 rant before handhelds and the ramifications of the 3DS price drop become the central topic of discussion. Xav catches us up on the latest news and sparks some good debates before it all comes to a close with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 73: 08/12/2011

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Shane Bettenhausen works at Ignition Entertainment, publishers of El Shaddai, due out Tuesday August 16.

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  • As I was listening to Garnett comment some more on his problems with the Diablo 3 auctioning, it reminded me of a past episode last year when BLeahy, Jeff and Garnett were discussing the micro-transactions incorporated into Team Fortress 2, all of them seemed quite ambivalent to it, and BLeahy even pointed out that it was basically 'free money' on the table, so it made sense to put it in business-wise.

    To me, this is interesting because "the spoiling of game experience" was cited as the common complaint from the community, yet the WC crew didn't really fight the micro-transaction aspect, nor did they really agree to it. Yet Garnett made his rather impassioned views known regarding the game experience of Diablo 3. So what changed? I think this is a case of one being much too close to the game, as none of the three was playing Team Fortress 2 with any regularity (if at all).

    Now personally speaking, I stand by my opinion that the concern for the auctioning is not at matter of the tainting of the game experience, but more the direct economic impact since Blizzard are in control of the game items, and have the power to nerf or buff items, and directly affecting the inherent market value of the item (details on that I made on previous week's post... which sadly no one commented on). But all that is neither here nor there.

    The point I'm trying to address is whether sometimes we so close to something that any changes will be seen with a critical eye and high sensitivity. I would consider myself a passive Diablo player, so I personally am not as sensitive to some of the PvP aspect or even the auctioning itself. But I was sensitive to the change in game style for Fallout 3 since I was a huge fan of the Fallout series (and as far as I know, Brotherhood of Steel doesn't exist...), I was very cold to Fallout 3, until I played it, and absolutely enjoyed it. I imagine this was similar to the change in style from Resident Evil 3 to Resident Evil E4. From that point on since Fallout 3, I've taken to that position where when a franchise or game that I loved in the past gets adapted, remade, or sequel-ized, I would take a step back and not judge before the game has come out. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is my current test.

    How many of you are aware of the closeness to a particular franchise, could be ruining your anticipation and enjoyment of the subsequent release? Have you managed to adapt to it, or are you just adamant that you are right?


    This is really directed at Garnet (*cough* Yakuza *cough*).

    CNN ran an article by Blake Snow on why most people don't finish video games. While the hosts of WC are in the business of reviewing games and it makes sense that there would a big pile of shame, how would you attribute the 10% finishing rate for the general populous as cited in that article?

    As a follow up, do you see this as the main reason companies are developing for mobile and web platforms to cater to the quick fix gaming rather than the life sink that is Elder Scrolls or going for the insane Treasure Hunter trophy on FF XIII? And do you see the AAA titles becoming less important and as such become so stuck in a money making rote (CoD:BO) that the innovations will only come from indies and mobile/web platforms?


  • Just pre-ordered Battlefield 3 on Origin.

    Let's say I'm in an ambivalent state of mind.

    Why would I buy the game anywhere else? I get the most for my money with EA's new game portal.

    Do I like that it's not Steam, no...but at the end of the day I know it's a game that I want and if I am going to get more extra free content, whether it be from EA or anyone else, I'd choose it over the Steam version.

    Am I happy I have yet another auto login system that has run to just play a freaking game, no....as long as I can actually get into a game and coordinate with people effectively and easily...then fine..

    Do we need another online portal for games? No. Do I want another system that offers different incentives to purchase from a particular retailer, FUCK NO.

    But I want the game, I want the free BF2 updated maps in Frostbite. So this is how it goes...if you have the games and the better incentives....the service might not matter as much as it maybe should(or maybe it shouldn't..)

  • All this talk of D3 made me decide to go back and boot up D2, and I have to recommend that Garnett do the same. I'm sure he'll understand why the auction house is so necessary. You would not believe the cesspool that D2 online has become with bots popping into games every minute, spamming the entire screen with their telemarketing garbage and then disappearing 2 seconds later. While I'm sure Blizzard isn't exactly reluctant to make more money, their auction house really is the only logical step to prevent this issue from taking place when D3 does eventually come out.

  • Sorry if this conversation has already been had, but do you think we will be able to player older PS3 games on Vita? As it is, I may hold off buying a Vita. Aside from the nice OLED screen, I see no compelling reason to buy one right out of the gate. But there are a lot of great PS3 games I may revisit if I can play them on Vita (not to mention all the PS3 games I missed out on that I may decide to pick up on Vita). That might make it a Day 1 purchase for me, even if we do have to wait a while before those older games are made available for Vita.

    If they do that, what is the right price point for older PS3 games on Vita? If you already paid $60 to play games like Infamous, Burnout, Bioshock, or MGS4, (I don't even know if its possible to do big games like those on Vita. How do you put a 50 gig game on a 4 gig cart?) how much would you be willing to pay for a new portable version? $19.99?

  • Xavs, comments concerning Bad Company 2 on Steam made no sense. BC2 works like any non-steamworks game on steam. You start up the game and login to your ea account and play online. Pretty simple, nothing different from most games on the platform. Patches were day-in-date with the regular editions of the game so I don't really see what the problem was.

    Far better than starting up being forced to launch a second DD client just to play BF3. Origin is pretty lame anyways, it has a friendslist that doesn't even sync to your BF3 Battlelog friends list, so its pretty much the most useless waste of cpu cycles and memory on the PC.

    Its also pretty lame that FIFA 12 will be the first real FIFA game (same engine and featureset) on the PC, but yet to play it you'll only be able to get it on Origin. I guess EA wants an excuse to give up on developing sport titles for the PC period.

  • Lol the truth about Garnett's anger over Diablo finally comes out and I'm positive it mirrors gamers opinion:) he was actually upset that rather than him(ie the gamer) being able to "cheat" the game with the in game auction house. It will actually cost real money to "cheat" instead of the fake money from playing the game. This I understand no one likes to pay more money for what they want unfortunately that's the way I plays out sometimes. And by "people are weak" argument I'm sure he means himself, and yeah I'd bet curry he ends up at that auction house lol;)

    About Jeffs FAQ (by the way I love saying "Faaa Q") statements man that's what is known as progress. In the 90's you'd walk up to street fighter 2 and say "how'd you throw the fireball?" now we get move list and training modes. I for one couldn't be happier:) and nintendo has taken and even better step with New super Mario bros. Wii the game shows you solution, along with Zelda OoT hint stones. I really hope this gets used much more in games no one likes to be lost that's why Garmans are so popular.

  • Shane, I have a tip for you regarding the end boss in Final Fantasy XIII: Try sucking less.


    But no, seriously. Grinding isn't required at all; it's all in the strategy. Just focus on buffing/debuffing and you'll be fine. Just try to break it as soon as possible. I believe you can even use 'Death' on it at some point for an insta-kill.

    Also, Garnett, why haven't you tried Final Fantasy IX yet? It isn't "a mess" (what a boggling comment), and it's easily one of the best games in the franchise. It also has the best chocobo minigame in the series, Hot and Cold, which is very similar to the treasure hunting in Red Dead Redemption.

  • I recently started playing Just Cause 2 on the PC again, this time with that mod that lets you shoot your grapple for 2 kms and I was curious to see what else Avalanche Studios was up to - whether they were working on Just Cause 3 or not, and I was surprised to see this on their wikipedia page:

    "Avalanche has reported to be developing Fury Road, a video game adaptation of the Mad Max series with Cory Barlog, lead designer of God of War II."

    And I thought, AMAZING! An open world like Just Cause 2, but post-apocalyptic. It would be thrilling to drive around in that universe, to be able to jump from car to car. Maybe there's a railroad that traverses the entire map. Little camps with their precious stores of oil and gas that you can make explode or steal. I think with Avalanche's talent for the open world and fun mechanics and Cory Balrog's expertise in level design and tight controls, this new Mad Max game might do for Mad Max games what Arkham Asylum did for Batman.