id CEO terms Quake Live an entertainment success

Speaking with about the company's entry into the world of free-to-play, Quake Live, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead said, "The game is an entertainment success, so now we have to figure out how to make the business model work." The reality that's set in, though, is that the in game advertising model hasn't been anywhere near as profitable as hoped. Facebook games, where the advertising is pervasive, thrive on it, but showing players dynamic ads while they play Quake hasn't proven nearly as effective.

In the wake of that failing to generate the income to sustain the game, id implemented a new subscription model, and added traditional Internet advertising such as ads on the site and video advertising. The company hopes to recoup some of its losses through these means. Quake Live certainly isn't dead yet. "As long as I've got an opportunity to try and do something with Quake Live--because I love the game--[I'll do it]," said Hollenshead.