Madden and Driver demos hit Live and PSN

All is right with the football world again. Training camps are in session, the preseason is right around the corner, and today the demo for this year's Madden arrives for download on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. A full game of five minute quarters, playable on all three difficulties, with either traditional or "GameFlow" play calling gives gamers a good look at this year's offering. And it's a strong matchup, recreating last year's NFC Championship tilt pitting the eventual Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers against the Chicago Bears in Soldier Field.

If getting behind the wheel and raising havoc is more your thing, the Driver: San Francisco single-player demo landed on both services today as well. It offers up three unique missions from the game. In Team Colors the player uses the game's shift mechanic that lets them swap from one car to another to drive two cars at once in a race. The object is to time out the swaps to get them over the finish line in first and second. Escapist works just like the name implies, with the goal being to evade police pursuit. And there's Prove It, a mode that combines tricks and stunts with a cop chase.

Both games are due to release in just a couple of weeks. Madden NFL 12 comes out on August 30 and Driver San Francisco will be available on September 6.