Tropico 4 PC demo released

Do you have the shrewd business sense, grand vision, and golden epaulettes to rule a tropical island nation as El Presidente? You can put your inner dictator to the test in the Tropico 4 PC demo released today, a 1.69GB download available here at Shacknews.

The demo packs the construct-o-manage sim's four tutorial mini-missions, along with the first campaign mission. This should offer a fair sense of what it's like to run your own island, juggling building settlements and industries, attracting tourists, keeping the populace please (or under control, at least), while also feeding your Swiss bank account in case it all goes a bit pear-shaped and you need to make a hasty escape.

Developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media, Tropico 4 will be released for PC and Xbox 360 on August 30. Improvements over Tropico 3 include new buildings, improved graphics, disasters including volcanoes and tornadoes, a civilian council, and national agendas.