GameFly to launch digital client for PC games

GameFly, the subscription-based video game rental service, plans to make a dramatic entry this coming holiday into the digital market for PC games. The company announced plans to debut an online digital store for PC games within a digital client that includes a number of other features, such as "Unlimited PC Play." GameFly subscribers will have access to "a large and ever-growing collection of titles" for the Windows/Mac that can be downloaded and played as many times as they want.

Users of the client will able to catalog their video games and create personal customized game libraries to share. In addition, GameFly subscribers will be able to manage their queues for game rentals. The client also includes a store where anyone, including non-subscribers, can pre-order upcoming new release games and purchase used games.

The new desktop client will offer up-to-date news and information streams with the latest in the video game world. The Shacknews.com feed will be part of the mix, as well as a deep collection of HD trailers, videos, and screenshots. Users will have a customizable online identity and be able to engage other users as part of the client's social features.

A closed beta for the client will begin on September 8, with codes being handed out to GameFly members at an event in Los Angeles. The public launch for the client is planned to take place in the holiday season for the United States and United Kingdom.

[Disclosure: Shacknews.com is part of GameFly Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of GameFly, Inc.]