Team Fortress 2 items celebrate QuakeCon 2011

Valve wants the share the QuakeCon love with Team Fortress 2 players. As part of the QuakeCon sale on Steam, each of the classes--soldier, engineer, heavy, and sniper--gets a new toy inspired by Bethesda-related titles.

These items are all bonuses, awarded for either owning or pre-ordering the specific they're drawn from. If any of them sound like things you'd like to add to your Team Fortress 2 player, act quick. QuakeCon ends this Sunday, and the promotion cuts off Monday morning, August 8 at 10am PDT. Sorry, no hats; however, there is an "Anger hood" from Brink and an "Iron helmet" from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I guess that sort of counts.

  • Soldier: Buy Quake IV and get "The Original" Quake rocket launcher.

  • Heavy: Pre-purchase The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and get Skyrim's iron helmet.

  • Engineer: Pre-purchase Rage and get "The Wingstick" weapon.

  • Engineer: Buy or own Fallout: New Vegas and get a Pip-Boy.

  • Sniper: Buy or own Brink and get "The Anger" hoodmask.

[via Team Fortress 2 Blog]