The Jersey Shore comes to Xbox Avatar Marketplace

Yesterday, Microsoft representatives said that less than one percent of Xbox Live users are "bad apples." Let's hope that an even smaller figure will purchase the latest addition to the Xbox 360's Avatar Marketplace: The Jersey Shore.

Yes, the popular MTV reality series has managed to find its way into the virtual clothing store, giving you the ability to don The Situation's abs ($2) or Snooki's hair ($2). And sadly, that's not the end of it.

So what are some of the other selections available now on the Avatar Marketplace?

    Snooki Leopard Dress - 240 Microsoft Points

    JWOWW Hoop Earrings - 80 Microsoft Points

    JWOWW Black Dress - 240 Microsoft Points

    Jersey Shore Paulie D Hair - 160 Microsoft Points

    Jersey Shore Tank Top - 80 Microsoft Points

    Grenade Whistle - 320 Microsoft Points

And while we can blame humanity for the continued popularity of The Jersey Shore, we can specifically blame Steve Watts for daring me to write this post. It's all his fault.