League of Legends getting new mode 'Dominion'

A new form of competition is coming to League of Legends: a capture-and-hold mode named "Dominion," developer Riot Games announced today. Taking place on a new map, Dominion aims to deliver short, action-packed games.

Riot calls Dominion "a rapid-fire alternative to the more strategic, measured pace of Summoner's Rift," with rounds clocking in at around twenty minutes. It also notes that "late-game comebacks are possible and the outcome is always in question," which is always rousing.

Dominion players will do battle in the Crystal Scar, ostensibly a "war-torn mining village." The Scar also just so happens to be home to five highly-prized "strategic targets," which both teams want to capture, defend, and hold.

As for when Dominion will launch, "soon" is as specific as Riot will be. However, if you're a LoLomaniac headed to Gamescom or PAX Prime later this month, Dominion will be playable at both these events.

Riot recently boasted that its fine free-to-play game has an average of 1.4 million players daily. Fellow DotA-inspired game Heroes of Newerth recently switched to a free-to-play model too, no doubt partially inspired by LoL's success.

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