Words With Friends coming to Facebook

Words With Friends, a Scrabble clone from Zynga, has destroyed countless friendships and relationships thanks to its wildly popular iOS and Android app. Countless more heartbreaks will undoubtedly ensue thanks to the upcoming release of a Facebook version of the game.

Like EA Games' Scrabble, Words With Friends will offer platform-agnostic multiplayer, across iOS, Android, and the web. No matter what device a player is on, you'll be able to go head to head.

This is the first mobile game from Zynga translated for Facebook. One of its main rivals, PopCap has also announced plans on bringing its franchises, like Plants vs. Zombies to the popular social network. Even unexpected brands, like Q-Games' formerly PlayStation-exclusive PixelJunk Monsters is being adapted for casual, social play.

Zynga purchased Words With Friends developer Newtoy late last year. Hopefully, it has even greater aspirations for the company, beyond making ports of its simple (but addictive) word game.