Breath of Fire 4 hitting PSN August 16

PlayStation RPG classic Breath of Fire IV will be coming to the PlayStation Network on August 16. Capcom's senior VP Christian Svensson announced the upcoming title on the Capcom Unity forums (via Joystiq), and also mentioned that Breath of Fire PSN avatars will go on sale as well.

Breath of Fire IV is one of the more highly-regarded PS1 classics, having earned a generally favorable reception when it was released. Meanwhile, this will give one more meaty and cheap piece of content for PSP (and PS3) owners to chew on.

The PlayStation Portable doesn't seem to be getting much support for retail releases lately, but the PS1 Classics have turned it into a veritable gold mine for fans of classic RPGs. The shop now offers several Arc the Lad games, Suikoden, Wild Arms, Xenogears, and Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, and Tactics, among others. If you slept through the late 90s, grinding away on your handheld system is a pretty good way to play catch-up.