Crytek working on new multiplatform shooter IP

Crytek is diversifying its portfolio, continuing to work on games that don't have "Cry" in the title. Having shipped Crysis 2 recently, the company is working on a new multiplatform shooter IP, reports Supererogatory. Mention of the new IP comes from a LinkedIn profile, which mentions a "New IP, shooter genre, TBA title for Xbox360, PS3 and PC." Vague, but there you have it.

The company was also working on another shooter, which was quietly canceled.

The shuttered project comes from another resume, which doesn't share many details aside from its cancellation and name. According to the resume, it was titled "Redemption," though that may not have been the final planned name. It's also possible, of course, that ideas from Redemption are being used in this new shooter IP.

Crytek has been pushing into broader development plans, expanding its own IP portfolio, showing off CryEngine working on consoles, and inviting indie developers to use the tools as well. It is currently working on Ryse for Kinect, free-to-play Warface, and is reportedly shopping around a new game in the TimeSplitters series.