Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC adds FOV option

At a certain point, it became acceptable, perhaps even sensible, to be excited about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. A prequel to one of the greatest games ever made made by entirely different people sounds scary, certainly, but the more we see and play, the better it seems. The latest good news nugget is that, by popular demand, an adjustable field of view option has been added to its PC edition.

"I just wanted to let you know: we've recently added an in-game FOV setting to the DXHR PC!" a forum post from PC lead programmer Jim Offerman of Nixxes Software confirmed yesterday.

Field of view determines how much of the game world can be seen at once. Many PC gamers, who sit close to widescreen monitors, prefer an FOV of 90 degrees or more, while console games are often closer to 65 degrees, as players sit further back. However, it's becoming increasingly and unpleasantly common for the PC editions of multiplatform games to suffer the same low FOV, which makes the view feel cramped and can induce nausea in some players.

The game's main developer, Eidos Montreal, had previously stated that FOV wouldn't be adjustable on PC. Responding to a fan's mention of FOV nausea, the developer joked, "If you're about to vomit, pull back your chair, ok? It's a mess to clean the floor afterward."

PC gamers' displeasure was noted, and now we'll be able to adjust the FOV. Huzzah! Fan feedback also led to an option to toggle the 'Augmented Reality' view, which adds thin yellow outlines to NPCs and interactive objects.

The PC edition also boasts support for DirectX 11 and 3D displays, and heaps of multicore optimisations. Gosh, it sounds like an actual, genuine, proper, bona fide PC game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has gone gold, and is headed to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 23.