Burn Zombie Burn sequel coming

The indie game Burn Zombie Burn is getting a sequel. Titled All Zombies Must Die!, the downloadable game is once again being developed by Doublesix and, once again, due for the PC and PlayStation 3, but the developer hopes to port it to Xbox Live Arcade at some point as well. It's due for release later this year.

The original game received a fairly positive reception after it brought some RPG elements into the overcrowded zombie-killing genre. Instead of just controlling one character, AZMD will let you choose from four: a gamer, a girl, a mad scientist, and an alien. Wait, aliens hate zombies now too? The undead just can't catch a break.

Creative director Jim Mummery promises deeper weapon crafting, character development, and arenas. "After the success of Burn Zombie Burn, we've been looking forward to dishing up a new serving of undead craziness but this is no straight sequel," he told reports Eurogamer.

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