Dragon Age 2 missing from Steam

The EA and Steam saga marches ever onward. Dragon Age 2 is no longer available on Steam, apparently pulled just as the new "Legacy" downloadable content was released. No reason has been given by Steam or EA regarding the absence.

This wouldn't be the first time a game was pulled from Steam in recent weeks. When Crysis 2 disappeared from Steam, it seemed like a shot across the bow of Valve's digital service as EA aggressively marketed its own service, Origin. EA claims the issue was merely an "agreement with another download service which violates [Steam's] new rules."

Eurogamer notes that the game's removal coincides with the release of the "Legacy" DLC for Dragon Age 2.

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Dragon Age 2 DLC is sold through BioWare's own systems. For example, Legacy costs 800 BioWare Points. It seems that Valve pulls games if new DLC can't be sold directly through Steam. Existing games with external DLC services are likely grandfathered in. EA notes that Steam has recently implemented "new" rules. Offering DLC via BioWare.com may be the reason the game was pulled. Other services, such as Direct2Drive, still offer the game digitally.

BioWare is mostly saying mum on the issue, but one employee told forum-goers, "I can't really comment on this topic other than to say that if you already had it purchased via Steam before today you shouldn't have any issues."

Meanwhile, EA's plans for Origin remain somewhat in the dark. We've heard unconfirmed reports that Battlefield 3 won't be sold through Steam, though the rumors do claim it will come to other download services like Origin and GameStop's distribution channel. EA has declined to comment on the ongoing rumor, but introduced Origin with word that The Old Republic would be exclusive.

Shacknews has contacted both Steam and EA regarding Dragon Age 2, and will update with any new information.