Star Wars: The Old Republic breaks pre-order record, EA sales reveal

EA is the "#1 publisher in Western markets," according to its latest quarterly financials. The company command a 16% segment share for the quarter ending June 30th, thanks to the success of games like Portal 2, Dead Space 2, and Dragon Age 2. All three titles have sold over two million copies each. Crysis 2 is an even bigger success, having sold over three million units. (Who needs Steam?)

NCAA 12 is also a strong performer for EA Sports, with sales up 17% from last year. Given the recent resolution of the NFL lockout, next month's Madden should also be a hit for the company.

EA reveled in a number of other statistics: FIFA 11 has sold nearly 15 million units so far, while the last Battlefield game, Bad Company 2, has sold over nine million units so far.

The Battlefield franchise appears to be gaining momentum, and EA is pointing at pre-orders of Battlefield 3 as evidence of that. According to the company, pre-orders are up "more than 10x" Bad Company 2's, undoubtedly helped by a more aggressive marketing campaign, a new graphics engine, and a pre-order campaign that offers DLC for free.

In addition, BioWare's upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic has broken EA's record for pre-orders, an impressive feat given the limited distribution of the digital version of the game. The company said it was planning on "limiting supply at launch" -- a feat it seemingly cannot accomplish.

Looking even further ahead to 2012, EA plans on announcing what appears to be up to four new sports titles in the same quarter as SSX and Mass Effect 3. The titles are unannounced, but we hope to get more info at an investor's conference call, happening now.