Mass Effect 2 DLC on sale on Xbox Live

With Mass Effect 3 approaching quickly (but not quickly enough), chances are you may need to catch up with some of Shepard's supplemental material. Luckily, this week's Xbox Live deals include various space-faring adventures at 50% off for Gold members.

Between now and August 1, you can get "Kasumi - Stolen Memory" and "Lair of the Shadow Broker" for a mere $3.50 (280 MSP), and the Arrival DLC for $5 (400 MSP). Arrival and the, frankly excellent, Shadow Broker mission both seem to be fairly important character and plot development pieces that will no-doubt be acknowledged in the upcoming third game. Kasumi, meanwhile, gives you an extra party member and is not altogether terrible, so there's that.

And just as an example of how much these weekly deals can vary, next week's deal? A 30% discount on changing your Gamertag. This, dear reader, is what we call a massive disparity in bargain quality.