Gears of War 3 'Crescendo' trailer

Gears of War 2 was "bigger, better, and more badass." But what is Gears of War 3? "With Gears of War 3, we wanted to take the scale of the story down, make it personal," executive producer Rod Fergusson explains in a new "behind the scenes" video for the game.

"It's also very much a father-son story," design director Cliff Bleszinski adds. "I myself lost my dad when I was fifteen. Rod Fergusson lost his dad. So did Lee Perry. We are actually making this personal."

Bleszinski promises that the single player campaign is the longest Epic Games has ever produced, besting previous efforts like Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Why? Because there's a lot of ground to cover. "We wanted this story to have a conclusion," Fergusson notes. "We didn't want to have a cliffhanger."

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