Resistance 3 beta in August, browser tie-in now live

We finally have a release target for the Resistance 3 beta test. IGN reports that the company announced that the beta would begin the first week of August, just a month before the game hits on September 6.

The report also states that the beta will include the modes Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction, but no mention of the included maps. Sony previously promised early access to the beta with a code in some copies of SOCOM 4, so they'll have a head-start.

Meanwhile, GameSpot reports that a new browser-based companion game called Global Resistance has launched. You'll be picking your side in the human vs Chimera war, and then taking part in a persistent online battle that sees you placing buildings and getting into skirmishes.

You can link the game to your Facebook account to use social features, and your PlayStation Network account to unlock features in Resistance 3, like multiplayer skins and XP boosts. The game itself, though, takes place on its own dedicated site. The web game is in beta now, so you can try it out for yourself.