Gotham City Imposters trailer shows an appropriate fear of Batman

It should be perfectly clear by now that while Gotham City Imposters pays homage to the Batman mythos, it's at a surface level at best. The idea of Batman-styled vigilantes carrying guns is strange enough, but if an all-out gang war actually were going on in Gotham, one would expect Batman to brutalize/arrest both groups, even if one is his fan club. So it's nice to see the new 'Cinematic' trailer, which implies just that.

Though Bats himself doesn't show up, the warring factions do run like hell when they see the Bat-signal in the sky. Which, if you're familiar with Batman at all, is exactly what they should be doing. In fact, that's how every match should end. A winner is declared, and then Batman rolls in and arrests everybody.

The game was recently announced to have a $15 price point, and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are set for winter 2012. No mention of a PC release, for some reason. Check out the new trailer for yourself.

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