Recall will turn your mind into a VCR

A couple of gameplay trailers for an upcoming new time-bending indie called Recall have been slowly making the rounds lately, and for good reason.

Created by South Korean developer Jaewoo Jay Jeon, Recall is a first-person puzzle game in which players attempt to recover lost memories using a crazy gameplay mechanic that allows them to fast-forward, rewind, and pause time. There haven't been many details released at this point (beyond a planned 2012 release), but luckily, we have a couple of gameplay trailers to ogle.

BOOM video 9790

Not everything I'm seeing in these trailers makes sense to me, yet. However, the bit (in the first video) where the character knocks over a stack of crates, stops time while they're mid-fall, and then uses them as a platform to climb, is pretty awesome.

BOOM video 9789

We'll keep our eye out for more news about Recall as it nears release.

(via RockPaperShotgun)

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