BBC dipping into indie publishing

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has decided there's money to be made in video games, and so the company is opening up an independent publishing wing. Develop reports that the initiative will begin "in a few weeks" according to Simon Harris, executive producer of BBC Worldwide.

In a session at the Develop conference, Harris revealed that the company already has some studios on-board. "We've come up with a plan and we are working with a couple of indies already, looking to get them into business outside of the UK," he said. "The UK market is a really good, really substantial gaming market, but to be really successful you have to work worldwide."

"We have Facebook titles under development, were [sic] working consoles, Flash and XBLA and PSN," Harris said. "Over the next year you will hopefully start seeing a lot of innovation from us."

This isn't the BBC's first foray into video games. It recently delivered an adventure game based on its popular Doctor Who series.