Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 coming to PC, Mac

It's been four years since Electronic Arts last released PC and Mac editions of its core annual golf series, but that unhappy drought is finally to end. EA announced today that PC and Mac editions of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters will be released on September 6.


"As we continue to expand the golf portfolio, we are extremely excited about bringing the Masters Tournament and Augusta National Golf Club to all the PC/Mac owners," EA Sports golf VP Mike Taramykin said in the announcement.

PC golfers were left somewhat in the lurch by the departure of the core PGA Tour games, with only the free-to-play, browser-based Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online for company. Which isn't the same, really.

The $39.99 ticket price of PGA Tour 12's PC and Mac editions will include a three-month membership to PGA Tour Online. Returning the favor, current PGA Tour Online members will score a 25% discount on PGA Tour 12 if they pre-order from EA's digital distribution store Origin.

The console editions of PGA Tour 12 were released in March.

Now then, it's been three years since EA last released its annual NHL game on PC and four years for Madden NFL. Are we to see them returning to PC too?