Pokemon Battle Rumble Blast coming to 3DS October 24

Pokemon Rumble Blast is coming to the 3DS on October 24, Nintendo has announced. This game stars "toy Pokemon," wind-up toys modeled after existing characters. It's also going for a more action-oriented approach, with real-time battles against dozens of opponents and even larger boss Pokemon.

focalbox As usual, you'll be collecting Pokemon -- this time both as part of your battle team and just collectible toys. The game boasts 600 toy Pokemon in all, including those from Black and White. You can battle friends using the wireless connection, and the StreetPass feature will spark battles with other Pokemon as you pass by other players.

"Pokemon Rumble Blast delivers instant Pokemon gratification," said Nintendo of America executive VP of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt. "The controls are intuitive and simple enough for anyone to pick up and play, while new battle modes, more than 600 Toy Pokemon and social play opportunities offer deep experiences for longtime fans."