Weekend Confirmed 69 - Ms. Splosion Man, Alice Madness Returns, Magic The Gathering

By Xav de Matos, Jul 15, 2011 2:00pm PDT

With Garnett Lee on vacation it's up to Jeff and Xav to drive the bus. Helping them keep the Weekend Confirmed bus out of the ditch is Totally Rad Show co-host Dan Trachtenberg and DJ Andy Reid from 44th and Filth. The crew talks Ms. 'Splosion Man, Alice: Madness Returns, Dead Space 2, Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, and more. In Listener Feedback we talk about if Nintendo has aged along with its old school fanbase and whether or not Call of Duty is the media's favorite whipping boy, among a few other topics. Then we slow things down and tackle the biggest news of the week, including discussion on EA's acquisition of PopCap.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 69: 07/15/2011

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  • Awesome, I was mentioned as part of a discussion. Great show guys.

    As someone who has replayed parts of that game countless times, I completely agree with Dan that Mirror's Edge gets better the more you play it.

    Although, this makes me think of an interesting counterpoint that some people might gave. Shouldn't a game strive to make a good first impression? Is playing the same exact thing over and over fun? I guess that could be averted by games that are structured around choice (be it weapon upgrades in dead space or quest divergences in an rpg) or rely on some form of level generation (Left 4 Dead or Diablo)?

    In Mirrors Edge, things are the same, down to enemy timing and movement, so why did myself and people who spent hours on the speed run element kept playing? I think it was the core running and jumping mechanics coupled with the competitive nature of shaving a half second off of a speed run.

    Does anyone else feel strongly about replaying/not replaying Mirrors Edge/games in general?

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    • I was think this as well as a lot (if not most) times I find the second or subsequent playthroughs of a game the most enjoyable, and this is for many reasons I think (some of which Dan touched on).

      One is that on the second playthrough you can strategise because you are familiar with the mechanics and gameplay. I can think with knowing what skills and powers I want if its an RPG for example, or I know what weapons I need or could have to make an encounter easier in a shooter. I often play first on Normal or Casual/Easy the first time through and then on the second time through play again on a harder difficulty. I think another good example is stealth based games like the Thief, Splinter Cell and MGS Series and you are familiar with the environments, enemy placements/movements etc.

      Another is the story and narrative as often things can pass me by as I'm trying to catch up and figure out what going on. This is especially the case of the game has additive elements to it. For me a classic example is NOLF, as the first time through I never managed to listen to all conversations that you overhear, but because of subsequent playthroughs I managed to listen to most if not all of them and that was a appealing and enjoyable part of that game. I have even been playing through Crysis 2 again with the DX11/texture patches and have picked up on things I didn't see/hear the first time (I'm still not sure if I would call that more than an adequate story though, but it did make it a little better).

      I also find what I'm about to explain happens a lot with me on some such games and that is "Getting the Game", particularly the beginning parts. Shadow of the Colossus was this way with me. I was struggling with the interest in the game until about the sixth or seventh Colossi and then it I just clicked with it and really enjoyed it until the end. The first thing I wanted to do is play again, but this time I enjoyed the earlier parts of the game. I guess some of it was I knew exactly what to do as stated above, but also I think its was that because I was informed through the first playthrough what the game was trying to say and/or be as a whole and the type of progression it wanted me to go through. I can think of other games that I have felt this way too such as Dead Space, Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, the original Serious Sam, Enslaved, to name a few.

      It's and interesting topic as I think a lot of people would say that a game that put its BEST foot forward from the very start and is shown itself at its BEST and most enjoyable (and I mean BEST as obviously the game should be at least good or descent) the first time round as a well designed game. I'm not so sure. I think it maybe a better designed "Consumer Product". I personally hate the idea of games (and media creation in general) designed in a way that makes it be disposable and if its at its best the first time I'm less likely to go back. Some games I think are great at every playthrough (for me Diablo 2 would be that game for example as it has so much replayability) so I think those games can also be designed. Anyway that's how I feel about it.