Aliens: Infestation revealed as DS side-scroller

Aliens: Infestation has been detailed, thanks to a few different ratings boards. Siliconera reports that the game was first quietly outed as a WayForward-developed DS game in May by the Australian ratings board. Now the ESRB has filled in more details. The T-rated side-scroller includes violence (for obvious reasons), cursing, and brief male nudity. Who says the DS is a kiddie system?

It's unknown at this time if Aliens: Infestation is a boxed retail product or DSiWare, but being from WayForward brings an interesting wrinkle. Gearbox Software is making the PC and console versions of Aliens: Colonial Marines, and company president Randy Pitchford casually mentioned a DS title in the works as well.

Colonial Marines DS was reportedly being handled by WayForward, and rumored footage from 2009 showed a side-scrolling shooter. But the footage was pulled from YouTube with the claim that the title had been canceled. Sega denied any cancellation had taken place, and stated that it hadn't put out the footage. Being from the same developer, and on the same system, it seems likely that Infestation is what became of Colonial Marines DS. But of course, Sega hasn't confirmed that the two Aliens titles are one and the same.