Kinect tech may come to smart phones

Microsoft could be looking towards integrating Kinect technology with other devices, namely smart phones. Reuters (via CVG) offers a highly speculative, but nevertheless intriguing idea of how the company could be moving its pieces in place to make a serious jump in smart phone technology.

In 2010, Microsoft acquired the gesture recognition firm Canesta. The report states that with Canesta's engine in play, Kinect-like tech could shrink to roughly a square centimeter, which would allow it to fit in mobile devices like the Windows Phone. This would allow "natural user interfaces, autonomous navigation and many other tasks."

The report goes on to claim that this would help the robotics field as well. Connectivity to the "cloud" would expand robots' access to information, so simply connecting a cloud-enabled smart phone to a robot could function as its brain. Gestural and object recognition through Kinect would make it more advanced still. Yes, we know this sounds exactly like Skynet. Connecting the robots to each other and letting them recognize our frail human bodies is a terrible idea.

Of course, this is all one pundit's opinion, and even if true it could take quite a while before we see any such technology integration hitting the market. That means we have a little bit of time to find the robots' weakness before they become smarter and more aware, and turn all murdery.