Shack PSA: Call of Duty Elite beta invites going out

Check your inbox, because beta invites for Call of Duty Elite are currently going out. Activision's Dan Amrich detailed this first wave of invites, which is being sent sometime today -- though the exact time is a bit on the vague side.

Your chances for getting into this first wave? Slim. Amrich says that it's going to be a "very small" wave, and that's out of 2 million sign-ups from interested CoD players. On the bright side, invites are going out "more or less in the order they signed up," so if you jumped on it right away your chances are significantly improved.

The beta is using Black Ops for testing, but when it rolls out in full (complete with mobile app) this fall, it will be used for Modern Warfare 3. If you got into the beta and want to report a bug or make a suggestion, you can do so through the Elite site.