QuakeCon old forums hacked; id retrospective panel announced

There's good QuakeCon news, and there's bad QuakeCon news. First, the bad news: the old QCon forums have been hacked and passwords compromised. But the good news: QuakeCon 2011 will be gathering venerated id veterans to share war stories in a panel named '20 Years of id Software.'

"In recent days, a hacker carried out an unlawful intrusion of the old forums.quakecon.org site, compromising usernames and passwords," explains a post on the QuakeCon site by some chap named Nick Breckon. "While we have taken appropriate steps to protect the new forums from attack, we recommend anyone using their old credentials on another site to change their passwords immediately."

New QCon forums "will be live shortly," this Bredon says. Looking on the bright side, they'll provide a handy place to chat with QChums about '20 Years of id Software.'

Hosted by television lady Morgan Webb, the hour-long panel promises "a lively look back at one of the most storied studios in gaming." It'll bring together id technical wizard John Carmack, CEO Todd Hollenshead, creative director Tim Willits, and lead artist Kevin Cloud--who, fact fans, is the hand model for the first two Dooms.

QuakeCon 2011 is on August 4-7, once again at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. It's free to attend and registration is still open. If you're already planning your schedule, make a note that id panel is at 2:30pm on Friday.