Rage trailer talks guns and gadgets

"Rage, at its core, is a first-person shooter. These other elements, like racing and vehicle combat, they're added to the experience, but it's important not to get confused by really what we do," creative director Tim Willits thrillingly explains in a new trailer. If you've been at all concerned, worry no more. "We're id. We make first person-games. When you pick up the shotgun and you shoot a bad guy, you know what to expect."

Indeed we do, and shooting bad guys is exactly what the delightful four-minute video dev diary covers. The fine folks at id talk about Rage's about weapons, ammo types, and crafted gadgets, introducing new armaments at regular intervals, and how to make shooting faces satisfying.

Plus, design director Matt Hooper explains that Rage's money isn't necessarily the RPG mechanic it may initially seem. "The economy is really your tool to manipulate how you want to play the game, it really is this player choice mechanic," he says. "You're picking up this cash and these other cool items, and you sell it, and you pick which ammo you want to buy."

Splendid. All splendid. Rage is headed to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 4, having recently been delayed by a few short weeks.

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