Xbox 360 voice commands take over this fall [Update]

[Update] Business Insider has corrected its original report that pointed to the launch of a new Microsoft music service. According to the update, the phrase "Xbox Music" only indicates the necessary Kinect voice command to launch the console's current music offerings. The reporter mistakenly believed this phrase was the name of a new service. A new service is not planned, nor was one announced. We apologize for the error.

[Original Story] Microsoft is priming to release a music service on Xbox 360 this fall, reports Business Insider (via Gamasutra). The announcement came at CEO Steve Ballmer during the Microsoft Partner Conference. The Xbox Music service is said to contain more than 11 million songs, and will be integrated with the Kinect voice-enabled search feature we saw at E3. (By comparison, Sony's Music Unlimited service promises over 7 million songs.)

Ballmer didn't share details on how this new service will differentiate itself from the existing Zune marketplace, but Microsoft has been keen on adding more features to make the Xbox 360 an all-in-one entertainment device. Between Netflix, Hulu, movie sales, and this new music service, Microsoft is well on its way to making the 360 a comprehensive living room hub.