Section 8: Prejudice getting new DLC, free mode

TimeGate's $15 downloadable shooter Section 8: Prejudice is getting a new $4 map pack and a free new multiplayer mode this month, the developer has announced.


Like the first map pack, the new 'Frontier Colonies' downloadable content will add two new maps, in the form of the arid Desolation and forested Overseer. It'll be released for Xbox Live Arcade on July 13, priced at 320 Microsoft Points ($4), and for PC on July 27 at $3.99.

If free is more your price, you'll get to enjoy a new 'Skirmish' mode "later this month" for now. TimeGate describes it as "team death match with a twist," where "Victory Points are awarded for kills and completed missions," but players can't capture or hack control points.

TimeGate says to "stay tuned" for more on the PlayStation 3 edition, whose release date is vaguely "summer 2011." We prodded for more information, and were told by a representative that it's "still no more specific than summer."