Witcher 2 developer sued by Namco Bandai

CD Projekt RED has managed to secure a baffling number of publishers for the original PC release of its RPG, The Witcher 2, and the upcoming Xbox 360 release as well. While the developer self-published the game in their native country of Poland, it partnered with Atari to distribute the PC version in North America, with Namco Bandai in Europe, and 1C Company in Russia. The Xbox 360 version will be coming to Europe courtesy of THQ, a deal that Namco Bandai is disputing in a new lawsuit.

The original press release from THQ notes that "THQ, through its THQ Partners program, will market and distribute the anticipated title in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East." Namco Bandai claims that the development team has broken an existing distribution agreement by handing the console release to THQ for those territories.

Apparently, CD Projekt isn't too concerned about the outcome of the suit. "I hope that the whole thing will end with a pre-litigation settlement. If it doesn't, I am sure that we will win the case and then the loser will pay for our lawyers," Adam Kicinski, CEO of CD Projekt RED said (via CVG). "The agreement that we signed last year, concerned only the distribution of The Witcher 2 for the PC. The records were carefully clarified to avoid any ambiguity."

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