Nintendo sued over 3DS screen technology

Tomita Technologies recently brought suit against Nintendo for allegedly infringing on a patent filed in 2003 and issued in 2008. Patent 7417664--"Stereoscopic image picking up and display system based upon optical axes cross-point information"--does have some similarities to the recently-released 3DS. Primarily, the patent is for a "pick-up and display system" that can offer stereoscopic 3D imagery by displaying different images to each eye. The end result is 3D without glasses, a key feature of Nintendo's handheld.

"Nintendo's America's infringement of the '664 patent has been, and continues to be, willful," the complaint alleges, without detailing the exact nature of the infringement. Tomita claims to be damaged "in an amount not yet determined." The company is seeking a trial by jury, and awaits a decision by the court.

Nintendo is no stranger to litigation, with each platform launch eventually meeting a lawsuit. The Wii's motion controls and DS' touch controls have been the topic of previous suits.

We've reached out to Nintendo of America for comment.