Square Enix files lawsuit for Deus Ex leaks

Square Enix is ready to fight an invisible war, prepping a lawsuit against fifteen people for distributing an illegally-obtained early version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution online. Perhaps their biggest struggle? Finding out who actually committed the crime.

The preview code, which only contained the beginning portion of the game, was intended to be delivered to press only. Code meant for an Italian video game site, GMC, somehow managed to get into the hands of the accused. While it's easy to assume GMC had something to do with the leak, an investigation reveals that "this was done without the permission or knowledge" of the intended reviewers.

While the purported hackers that distributed the code have yet to be identified, Square Enix alleges that the early leak caused damages "in excess of $5000." While the sum is rather insignificant, perhaps it's not wise to wag the legal finger at cyber criminals. Obviously, Sony paid dearly for doing the same.