Community-developed 'Legend of Robot' hitting PSN Europe on July 13

Swiss game studio, The Bearded Ladies Consulting, launched a program back in February called the Gameocracy initiative, in which they collaborated with European PlayStation Community members to develop a new indie game for the PlayStation Network. After many weeks of designing the game based on community-voted features, the resulting game, called Legend of Robot is now gearing up for release.

The charming trailer highlights the key Gameocracy contributors whose ideas won the rest of the community's approval and were incorporated into the game. The story, highlighted in the official press release, puts players in the role of a cute robot with a detachable head and one key flaw that sets him apart from his metallic brethren: compassion.

You are cast as "H7," an alien-robot drone originally created to enslave mankind. However, this particular specimen suffers from a bug in his anti-empathy circuits, driving him to escape his alien masters. Using twisted mechanics, such as throwing your own head to use as a platform or weapon, you must fight your way through the invading alien forces to gain your true freedom - and possibly save the Earth while you are at it.

Priced at €2.99 (approx $4.33), Legend of Robot will be available for European PSN users on July 13 as a PSP/PS3 minis game, though North American users will have to wait "a few more weeks" for the release.

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