Wake Island map coming to Battlefield Heroes


Browser-based, free to play soldiers unite! Battlefield Heroes is going to Wake Island. According to EA, the addition of the iconic Battlefield map is to celebrate the second anniversary of Battlefield Heroes.

Wake Island has been a staple in the Battlefield series since first debuting in Battlefield 1942. The map has since been made available on all other Battlefield titles in some form. The map will arrive "later this month."

Additionally, EA has announced that between now and July 7 (11:59pm PT), players that log into Battlefield Heroes will earn two free 'Party Packs,' one for the Royal and National factions. "Each Party Pack will include 77 Battlefunds, 25 Festive Flares, a permanent exclusive Party Hat, and a 7 day rental to play in a Birthday Suit," EA noted in a press release.

Today's announcement also comes with word that Battlefield Heroes is now "fully localized in eight new languages, including: French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian." English and German languages were previously available.

Now begs the question, how much time--if any--do you spend playing Battlefield Heroes? Or is Team Fortress 2 your new free to play favorite?