Arma 3's 'sandbox' single-player detailed

The war-torn streets of Bohemia Interactive's upcoming shooter Arma 3 have been teased as featuring a more "open-ended" single-player campaign with "sandbox" elements; more details of which have been outlined. In an interview with Everyeye (via Blues News), Bohemia designer Ivan Buchta revealed that players can earn "quests" that relate to the game's main story, or opt to explore "side-quests" for better intel, gear, support, vehicles and more.

"Your main objective may be to destroy an enemy base, because a friendly force is threatened by the enemy presence. By following some hints, you may eventually get a local guerrilla chieftain to distract the OPFOR in order to weaken its defenses or receive some close air support, all of which can make your effort much easier," Buchta noted. "Maybe you would even stumble upon a piece of Intel which would make the friendly command reconsider their intent."

Classic Arma structure still exists, Buchta promises. The developer is not "abandoning" the scenario gameplay--which thrust players into "simpler and shorter" situations for "instant fun."

"I am sure this kind of gameplay will be attractive for many players including the seasoned Arma veterans," Butcha added.

Arma 3 was announced for summer 2012 just prior to E3 2011. If you're wondering what kind of gear you'll need to play the game, make sure to take a look at the game's minimum PC specs.