Bodycount release date pinned down

The release date for Codemasters' extravagant shooter Bodycount has been pinned down to a specific date. It'll explode onto Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America on August 30, then land in Europe on September 2.

Bodycount promises "outrageous and stylish gunfights" with "skill kills," kill-chaining, destructible cover, upgrades, special abilities, mines, airstrikes, and other loud and colorful things. You get a gun and make stuff go bang, you see. Though Bulletstorm might seem a strong influence, do bear in mind that Bodycount was announced first before you go making silly accusations.

Codemasters' Guilford team is developing the title, initially under the vision of Black creator Stuart Black, who left the studio after completing design. The studio's general manager also departed last year--news which coincided with a delay for the game. (The game was originally scheduled for release in Q1.)

For a peek at things 'sploding, check out Bodycount's trailer from E3:

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