Star Wars Galaxies shutting down

It seems that this universe is only big enough for one Star Wars-themed MMO. Before BioWare's The Old Republic can begin, it seems that Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars Galaxies must come to an end. In a letter sent to community members, SOE and LucasArts details plans to shut down all services for Star Wars Galaxies, including both the MMO and trading card game. "The shutdown of SWG is a very difficult decision, but SOE and LucasArts have mutually agreed that the end of 2011 is the appropriate time to end the game," the official notice reads. Service for the game will end on December 15th.

focalbox However, it appears Galaxies will not enter the MMO graveyard quietly. In fact, SOE is planning a "galaxy-ending event" that will become available during the last week of service. The final chapter of the game will be "written in part by the dedicated and passionate SWG community," although exact details on how fans can participate haven't been revealed.

If you want to join in on the festivities, you'll need to have an active SWG account by September 15th. After that date, no new accounts can be created for the service. All billing for Galaxies will end on October 15th, effectively turning the game into a closed free-to-play MMO for its final months. (SOE assures that current subscribers will receive a pro-rated refund for any pre-paid subscription that ends after that date.)

Additionally, all active Star Wars Galaxies subscribers will receive "fully-paid subscriber status" to one of SOE's other games: Free Realms, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, EverQuest, and DC Universe Online. Obviously, SOE hopes that you'll become hopelessly addicted to one of their other online games. The free subscriptions will run from October 15th to December 31st.

"We are extremely grateful to all of the SWG fans. We have had the rare opportunity to host one of the most dedicated and passionate online gaming communities and we truly appreciate the support we've received from each and every one of you over the course of the past eight years."